Smith Family Cleaning

Vendor Services

Smith Family Cleaning specializes in Residential and Turn over cleaning for the private sector and the Property Management Industry, as well as Basic Janitorial Services. We have been cleaning apartments, homes, offices, as well as student housing in the U of O and OSU campus areas. We offer dependable, prompt and complete unit cleaning, taking pride in our quality of service. The following information is for Turnover cleaning only.

Benefits of using our company

Hiring Independent Contractors to take care of all your full time cleaning needs, benefits your company in reduced expenses. You no longer are dealing with :

Hiring and training a Housekeeping staff.
Dealing with employee no shows or calling in sick.
Providing benefits and paid days off.
The purchasing of cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment along with the upkeep of the cleaning equipment.
Collecting of payroll taxes and other accounting.

Your company may have a full time cleaning staff and only needs additional help during busy times. Our service should be the one you turn to instead of a Temporary Staffing service. A staffing service sends employees that are not trained and have little or no experience in cleaning rental units.
Instead of pairing up temp staffers with your cleaners and hoping the work gets done, we come in with our own supplies and equipment, cleaning your units quickly and efficiently. The ease of e-mailing the work orders directly to us cuts down on wasted time driving to pick up paperwork.

What our cleaning service includes

A checklist worksheet is filled out for each unit that is cleaned and turned in with unit invoice sheet. Any Maintenance issues are also written down on this sheet in the comments area. The general condition of the unit ( average, dirty, excessive dirty) is noted as well as if a pet was in the unit.

Cleaning performed in each unit:

Cobweb removal though out unit.
Light fixtures removed and cleaned through out unit (those that can be reached with a 2 step ladder).
Light switches and outlet covers cleaned through out unit.
Windows , sliding doors and tracks cleaned through out unit.
Baseboards cleaned and carpets / wood or vinyl floors edged before vacuuming / mopping.
Doors , window sills, molding above and around doors wiped down of finger prints and dirt.
Heaters, vents wiped down though out unit.


Refrigerator -cleaned inside, top, outside and underneath ( if movable). Polished if stainless.
Stove -cleaned outside, under burners, inside ( drip pans replaced if not cleanable, supply charge applies). Polished if stainless.
Cabinets- wiped down/ scrubbed inside and out.
Sink- scrubbed and bleached if porcelain, scrubbed and polished if stainless steel.
Dishwasher – cleaned inside (with Tilex then run on cycle), cleaned outside.
Microwave- cleaned inside/ outside / underneath.
Garbage disposal tested.
Counter tops- scrubbed/ back splash scrubbed.
Floors/ baseboards- scrubbed by hand


Tub and Shower- scrubbed top to bottom, shower doors scrubbed inside and out. Tracks and grout cleaned. Chrome scrubbed and polished.
Toilet – scrubbed inside and out, tank and pedestal cleaned. Toilet bleached if needed.
Cabinets/ Drawers- wiped down/ scrubbed inside and out.
Sink- scrubbed and bleached, chrome scrubbed and polished.
Floors/ Baseboards- scrubbed by hand.

Utility / Laundry room:

Washer – wiped down on out side, in side of lid and around agitator scrubbed of build up.
Dryer- wiped down on outside, inside checked for debris.
Behind washer/dryer cleaned if accessible .


Set rate fee of $20hr per cleaner.
Drip pan replacement-$5.00 each.
Light bulb replacement- Standard 60 watt $1.50 per bulb.
Appliance bulb- $2.25 per bulb
Payment method.
A itemized invoice of units cleaned, including hours and additional supplies used ( authorized before replaced) will be turned in daily for payment by cash or check. NSF checks will incur a $35 fee per check.